COVID-19 updates: FAST is in close communications with the City of Fairfield Fire Department and Solano County Health Department to provide updates to our passengers. FAST staff prioritizes the safety and health of our passengers and have taken preventative precautions with the likely continued spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. Here’s what we’re doing to help keep our customers and employees healthy and safe.

The Fairfield Transportation Center and Transit Store are closed to the public until further notice. However, our administrative staff is available at (707) 434-3800 during regular business hours from 8AM to 5PM Monday to Friday (excluding the first and third Fridays of the month) to answer your questions. We apologize for any inconvenience.

For additional information, please visit the official Solano County website.

FAST is requiring all passengers to adhere to the new Federal Law mandating masks when using public transportation.  Please visit for additional information.

(707) 422-BUSS (2877)

Route 6

Stop closure effective August 1, 2017

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