Taking Your Bicycle on FAST

Bicycle racks or luggage space for bicycles are available on all FAST buses. Bike racks are available on a first come – first served basis. Riders are responsible for loading and unloading bicycles. Local bus operators cannot assist with the loading or unloading of bicycles. After the bike racks are full, bicycles may be brought on board buses on a space available basis as long as the specific rules noted below are followed. On Commuter buses, bicycles may only be stored in the luggage bay.

On FAST buses, please tell the bus operator before you load the bicycle. When you get off the bus, ask the bus operator to wait while you remove your bicycle. After you remove your bicycle, please lift the rack up and step away from the bus. At no time shall the driver handle the bicycle.

Please see numbered list below, for specific rules governing bicycle transit.

  1. Bicycle racks are provided on a first come – first served basis and are allocated on a space available basis. The City makes no guarantee adequate space will be available.
  2. Bicycles may be allowed for interior transportation on FAST local buses only when there is no space available in the bike racks.
  3. For interior transportation of a bicycle, the front wheel shall be removed before boarding and shall remain detached from the bicycle during transit. The bicycle and front wheel shall be stored between two forward facing bench seats located behind the rear door, and shall not be moved while in transit. For interior transportation the passenger shall accompany the bicycle at all times.
  4. On Commuter (MCI) buses, only the driver will open the compartment door, slide out the rack if available, watch the passenger load and secure the bicycle, then slide the rack back into the bus, secure the retaining pin and shut the door. At no time shall the driver handle the bicycle.
  5. No cargo (bags, backpacks, walkers etc.) shall be allowed, or placed in the bicycle hold or rack.
  6. On buses equipped with front-mounted racks, the driver shall not assist the passenger. The passenger is responsible for operating and securing their bicycle and the bicycle rack.
  7. The passenger utilizes bicycle racks (Sportwork type and MCI) at their own risk and the City is not responsible for damage to the bicycle or injuries resulting from operating the City’s equipment.
  8. The decision to transport a bicycle is at the sole discretion of the Road Supervisor on duty if circumstances fall outside the stated policies.
  9. The bicycle shall be clean and shall not dirty the interior of the bus and the bicycle shall not have any sharp edges, which can cut or blemish the interior of the bus.
  10. When the passenger accompanying the bicycle reaches their destination, the passenger shall remove the bicycle from the bus only after all other passengers getting off the bus at that stop have exited the bus.
  11. The owner of the bicycle, by transporting their bicycle on FAST, accepts responsibility for:
  • Damage occurring to the bus and/or any injury to a person or persons on the bus.
  • Damage to property caused by improperly storing, securing or attending to the bicycle being transported.
  • The passenger assumes all responsibility for the bicycle at all times.
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