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Will My Wheelchair Fit on FAST Services?

Over the past several years, wheelchairs and scooters have become increasingly diverse with regard to size, design and functional capabilities. Various types of wheelchairs and scooters have become commonplace and are being used by a broader range of people with disabilities.

In order to meet ADA accessibility guidelines, fixed route buses and ADA Paratransit vehicles, are required to accommodate a wheelchair or scooter that measures up to 30-inches wide and 48-inches long and weighs less than 600 pounds when occupied. Mobility devices that fall within these ranges are referred to as “common” wheelchairs in the ADA. Vehicles must also have sufficient maneuvering space to allow a “common” wheelchair to reach the securement area.

Even if fixed route buses and ADA Paratransit vehicles meet the accessibility guidelines, it is important to know that some wheelchairs and scooters do not meet the standard measurements for a “common” wheelchair and may not fit on public transportation vehicles. Wheelchairs and scooters must not exceed these clearly defined measurements in order to assure that the individual using these mobility devices is able to maneuver through the aisle of a transit vehicle to the wheelchair securement area. The ADA does not require public transit operators to accommodate wheelchairs or scooters that do not meet the ADA’s guidelines for size and weight.