The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) has extended the face mask requirement for all transportation networks, including public transportation, through March 18, 2022. TSA’s initial face mask requirement went into effect on February 1, 2021, with an initial expiration date of May 11, 2021. It was first extended through September 13, 2021, and then to January 18, 2022.

(707) 422-BUSS (2877)


TRANSFER POLICY as of July 1, 2020


  • Valid only within FAST local system.
  • A transfer is required only with cash or Single Ride pass payment and issued at time of boarding.
    • If a one-way trip requires boarding two or more local buses, request a transfer each time you board.
    • Not valid on the route from which transfer was issued. (e.g., A transfer issued on Route 1 cannot be used on Route 1.)
  • Valued at current FAST local fare.
  • Valid for 60 minutes from issuance.


  • SolanoExpress buses do not issue transfers, except to Vacaville City Coach (VCC) with cash or pass payment.
    • Issued at time of boarding.
  • SolanoExpress buses do not accept transfers from any agency (including FAST local), except from VCC. Additional fare required with VCC transfer.
  • SolanoExpress Day Pass allows unlimited transfers on FAST and SolTrans local routes and SolanoExpress. Depending on Day Pass type purchased, additional fare may be required.


  • One transfer is loaded onto the card at the time of boarding and tagging the Clipper card reader.
  • Valid for 60 minutes.
  • A second transfer will not be issued.


Please call FAST Administration at (707) 434-3800 or FAST Dispatch at (707) 422-2877

¿Necesita ayuda con el idioma? Llame a las officinal administrative de FAST, al 707‑434‑3800 al depacho de FAST Dispatch al 707-422-2877 para ponerse en contacto con un intérprete.

Nangangailangan ba kayo ng tulong na pangwika? Mangyaring tumawag lamang sa Administrative Office sa 707-434-3800 o sa FAST Dispatch sa 707-422-2877 upang makonekta sa isang tagapagsalin.


(Updated July 1, 2020)