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SDM Reduced Fares on FAST

SDM Reduced Fare on All FAST Buses

Senior (65+)/Disabled/Medicare (SDM) passengers qualify for the reduced fare rate on all the local and intercity FAST buses. You may pay the reduced bus fare by showing one of the following forms of ID when purchasing an SDM pass and boarding the bus:

  • ADA Paratransit ID Card
  • Regional Transit Connection Card (RTC) – (800) 535-6883
  • Federal Medicare Card with Photo ID
  • FAST SDM Reduced ID Card
  • Proof of age 65 or older with Photo ID
  • DMV Disabled License Plate Registration with Photo ID
  • DMV Disabled Parking Placard Registration with Photo ID

Click here for the SDM Reduced Fare Policy.

Please call the FAST Administrative office at 707-434-3800 with any questions.