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Routes 40 & 90

It’s a Better Route for Your Daily Commute

Do you have better things to do than spend your mornings and afternoons fighting traffic on the highways? We thought so. Routes 40 & 90 are comfortable, convenient and economical ways to reclaim that part of your day for more constructive and enjoyable activities. You will save money, free up time and avoid stress aboard our luxurious coaches. Give it a try and you will be hooked. Click here to download and print our Route 40 and 90 brochure.

Driving is Really Expensive

Every round trip in your car between Fairfield/Vacaville and El Cerrito BART or Walnut Creek BART is about sixty miles and involves about $10 in gas, a $5 bridge toll, parking, and wear-and-tear on your car. With a monthly pass on Route 40 or 90, a round trip is $7.50 or less.


While our fares are already significantly less expensive than driving, many employers and programs offer additional incentives to ride. Check with your employer to see what offers are available for you.