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Important Information for DART Riders

Seatbelt Policy

DART paratransit buses are equipped with seat belts and shoulder harnesses. While it is not mandatory to use these, it is recommended.  It is mandatory that all mobility devices be securely tied down.

Safety First

Safety is our first priority, so our bus operators must remain with the vehicle at all times. DART passengers are responsible for getting to and from the DART paratransit vehicle. ADA regulations state, “The drivers or other personnel must provide assistance with the use of lifts, ramps, and securement devices.” In the event that a passenger needs driver assistance getting to or from the DART vehicle due to an obstacle such as sidewalk construction or other barrier, that request should be made at the time of scheduling the DART trip. If a passenger needs additional assistance, they will require the use of a Personal Care  Attendant (PCA).

Child Car Seats

Child car seats are not provided by DART. Passengers with children must provide their own child car seats and are responsible for their securement.

Carry-On Items

Passengers are permitted to carry on only the number of bags that they are able to manage independently without the assistance of the driver. Due to space limitations and the time it takes to board the vehicle, the number of shopping bags is restricted to five (5) bags that can be easily handled by the passenger and carried aboard without delaying the vehicle. The carry-on items must fit either on your lap or on the floor in front of you. If a passenger brings more than they are able to manage independently, it will  be the passenger’s choice on whether  to board with a manageable amount of items and find alternative transportation to carry the remaining packages, or decline the trip.

If you need assistance with oxygen or other items, you will need a PCA.


Shopping carts or any type of equipment used to assist with transporting packages, groceries, clothing, or other items are allowed on a restricted basis. Carts can be no larger than 28.5″ high by 12″ deep by 15.5″ wide. The trip must be reserved and approved with the cart, or the driver will be unable to transport the customer with his/her shopping cart.

When space is limited, priority must be given to passengers with mobility devices so your cart may not be allowed. If your cart is declined due to space availability, you may cancel the ride with no cancellation penalty.

Articles, baggage, or packages are not permitted on buses if they are dangerous or restrict free movement of passengers. Articles permitted on the bus must not interfere with the vehicle operation or any other passenger. Carts must be folded or positioned so that they do not block the aisle of the bus. Whatever a passenger brings on the bus must be readily movable. Passengers with strollers must collapse the stroller and place it under the seat in front of them. If you cannot collapse your stroller, reasonable accommodations will be provided.

Wound Care

If passengers have open or seeping sores or are leaking bodily fluids, for health and safety reasons DART may refuse service until the situation has been corrected.


Appropriate, reasonable personal hygiene should be observed by everyone riding on DART. In the event that a passenger’s poor hygiene disrupts the provision of service or presents a direct threat to the health or safety of others, that passenger may be suspended from service on DART until the situation is resolved.


Service may be denied if an individual engages in violent, seriously disruptive, or illegal conduct, or represents a direct threat to the health or safety of others.