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EVENT: Travis Air Show

Travis Air Force Base will be hosting an air show this year entitled “Thunder over the Bay” on March 30-31, 2019.

(Click here for more information on the Travis Air Show)

Travis Air Force Base wanted to recognize some of the extraordinary people in our local community by making the theme of the air show ‘Honoring our Hometown Heroes.’ Many police officers, fire fighters, nurses, teachers and simply ordinary citizens are working within their neighborhoods, cities, and counties to make them safe and enhancing our everyday lives. Travis Air Force Base wanted to honor them by providing some exclusive opportunities to fly aboard their aircraft and some of their guest aircraft.


Questions? Please call FAST Administration at (707) 434-3800 or FAST Dispatch at (707) 422-2877.

¿Necesita ayuda con el idioma? Llame a las officinal administrative de FAST, al 707‑434‑3800 al depacho de FAST Dispatch al 707-422-2877 para ponerse en contacto con un intérprete.

Nangangailangan ba kayo ng tulong na pangwika? Mangyaring tumawag lamang sa Administrative Office sa 707-434-3800 o sa FAST Dispatch sa 707-422-2877 upang makonekta sa isang tagapagsalin.



(Posted: January 16, 2019)